The goal

100 business at $100/mo  

100 individuals/familes at $50.00/mo

New member FAQs

I love this!  how can I get involved?

is my subscription tax deductble?

No. As we launched, we began leaning toward forming a tax deductable nonprofit organization, but we quickly realized that the administrative and organizational requirements are not necessary for our cause. We launched a benefit LLC which fits well with our cause. 

Business owners and self employed, please consult your tax and legal professional for ways to possibly expense your subscription through your business.

is there a MINIMUM monthly subscription?

$50.00 minimum each month is the base impact level.

Some are at $100.00 others $250.00. 

You chose your impact level!

Are there any contracts?

No. You may leave at any time, but we hope you stay and continue creating success stories with us.

will i be a coach?

No. Members are the finanical backbone of the Alliance. Without you, we don't have the power of crowd funding our success stories. 

Coaches are selected based on certain qualifiying criteria and serve as offical coaches of the Alliance.

What am i waiting for? 

You are procrastinating :) Please join now and make a difference today.