Welcome to THe St. Pierre Alliance

we create success stories! 

performance coaching + tuition scholarships   

for those rising from adversity


The St. Pierre Alliance is committed to equipping those who are rising from adversity to thrive in life. We search for students who have overcome significant life challenges and who are driven to create better lives for themselves. 

We offer a hand up not a hand out. If you are willing to invest in yourself, we are willing to invest in you! 

Are you an aspiring student ready to launch into success? The St. Pierre Alliance wants to help you thrive! 

performance Coaching Option

Every St. Pierre Alliance scholar is given the opportunity to opt into the performance coaching program.

Students who opt in receive access to credentialed performance coaches at no cost! 

Your coach will inspire and motivate you on your journey to success and help you gain the skills you need to launch and thrive in the next chapter of your life.

Performances coaches can assist as you adjust to college life, set and achieve academic and financial goals, develop success strategies for college and career, and focus you on the path to growth. 

You are the leader, and your coach can maximize your efforts for your success.

education scholarships

Every St. Pierre Alliance scholar also receives tuition assistance, which is paid directly to your institute of higher education. Our members pool our financial resources to aid in your future success. Scholarship amounts vary. 

Learn more here.

powerful networking

Expanding your network is as important as expanding your mind. Every St. Pierre Alliance scholar joins the community of members dedicated to creating success stories. Members join together from across the nation from varying professions and backgrounds. We are all here for your success.

"Success occurs when we achieve our goals in life. 

Significance occurs when we help others achieve their goals in life. 

The St. Pierre Alliance is producing success and significance together." 

~Jerry St. Pierre, Founder

Our mission ____________________ 

To create amazing success stories through promoting 

the advancement of all peoples to success and beyond.